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About Erica

Erica Wilson is an author and highly awarded leadership development expert, is the Chief Executive Officer for 88 Blessings Inc, A Beauty So Rare, NFL MOMS (Mothers Of Motivated Sons) and "IT Had 2 Happen, LLC". Erica leads teams of executive professionals who are proficients to perform for individuals and businesses through providing strategic solutions.

She thrives on challenges, specifically those that profit the people she comes in contact with. Erica is driven by her desire to inspire, empower uplift, develop others, and among her strengths are her expansive overcoming background, determination, creativity, and leadership chops. 


Erica’s background demonstrates her great fit for running 88 Blessings and (IH2H). She loves her routine Podcasts and is focused on developing powerful new ways to entertain her fans for brain snacking with music or lifestyle. She is committed to communicating with the audience for fulfilling their inspirations and likes to share or interest with a specific community, through an accessible way to reach her desired audience.

Erica is proficient to entertain and inform her audience by presenting information and entertainment in an accessible and attractive way. She is known to host a program, create links between items, introduce and interview guests and interact with the audience. She loves to conduct interviews and research, visits for events, and write story-loving reports for the airwaves as well as she has branched off into a specific medium such as radio, television, cable, or the Internet.



IT HAD TO HAPPEN, LLC founded by Erica in December 2018 with great inspiration for the Book Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and for those who found their purpose in life from the Pain.    The only thing different in the IHTH is the guest that we feature on our show are not looking for investors, but instead, want to promote their story and business to a wide audience. The format of the "IT HAD TO HAPPEN, LLC" has a vision for sharing stories, you are going to uplift, empower and encourage others that watch the show to reach for their God-given purpose.    My Journey, My Pain birthed My Purpose. IH2H welcomes Over-comers, Purpose-driven, Godprenuers, and Philanthropists.  


Founder @ 88Blessing INC.

Erica Wilson is the driving force behind 88 Blessings and a proud mother of two successful sons. She persevered and found strength through her struggles as a single mother, and now shares her story and offers her support to others in need through 88 Blessings.

Erica founded "The 88 Blessings: in May 2016 with her son, Miami Dolphins star Allen Hurns, They have the mission with their own inspirational story to offer resources and a support system to single parents and students in demand also, they are building and developing a community that empowers single parents to refocus their energy to grow economic stability, provide emotional support, and mentor students to take the next important steps with their education.

They both developed inspirational S.O.A.R. movement in the COVID-19 pandemic that S.O.A.R. acronym stands for High School Seniors will Overcome adversity by Arising from hardships and becoming Resilient.

In 2017 Erica and her son were blessed to serve multiple communities and expand their approach to provide vital support to families in need whether it's school supplies, new beds, holiday festivities, or hurricane victim relief 88 Blessings are dedicated to our community and yours!.


Professional Life Coach:  

Obtained proven system to unleash individual potential and acquired to learn competency techniques and practices for effective coaching to help clients achieve demanding results. 

As a Professional Life Coach obtained with aim to help clients unleash unlimited potential and achieve their goals.


Learned to deliver as client's agenda and to help the client "get out of their own way".   


Learned in-depth knowledge with the amount of information through a ton of different appropriate activities for getting clients on the right track for achieving their desired goals.

Sport and Fitness Administration/Management  


After completing the degree in Sports and Fitness Administration, Learned to Plan, administer, budget for, promote and assess sport and fitness programming. Make decisions informed by problem-solving, decision-making, and moral and ethical reasoning.  


Obtained to provide sports development, general planning activities in the field of sports, organizes all relevant resources, processes and functions, exercised a policy of human resources development, organized sports and business functions, as well as provide communication and coordination to the individuals or teams.


We’ll love to hear from you and connect with you. Please reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, partnerships, or sponsorships or if you’re interested in being featured on IH2H Films with Erica Wilson, on Wednesdays or Thursday’s @6pm. Or maybe, you’ll like to be a guest on our NFL MOMS looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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