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Percina Infantino

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Erica founded "The 88 Blessings: in May 2016 with her son, Miami Dolphins star Allen Hurns, They have the mission with their own inspirational story to offer resources and a support system to single parents and students in demand also, they are building and developing a community that empowers single parents to refocus their energy to grow economic stability, provide emotional support, and mentor students to take the next important steps with their education.

Takiyah Edwards

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It’s always an enjoyable and inspirational experience when watching the show. It’s empowering and uplifting to our community and I can relate to the many topics in more ways than one. It’s always comforting when a community can come together to let us know that we are not alone and that whatever we desire shall prosper through our faith. This show provides that. It is a must watch. You won’t be disappointed!

Bggs burrows

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The founder of ‘ It Had 2 Happen’ is such a beautiful soul. From the day I’ve meet her she have touch my life in a special way. I will never forget what she and her foundation has done to help those that lost so many in Dorian. Seeing Ms. Erica do her thing on the ‘ It Had 2 Happen’ is very inspiring and it makes you want to have a voice and make a difference. I’m a very shy person but being on the ‘It had 2 Happen’ some what gave me a sense of confidence and allowed me to crack my shell a little.


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Everytime I tune in to the show I learn something new it helps my growth in the Lord I've known Erica for over thirty years I'm very proud of her

Tereia Royal

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I enjoyed being apart of this wonderful movement! This interview was one for the books. I have received so many calls, messages and an outpouring of love and support from others like myself who have experienced the same life events as myself. I look forward to being a supportive shoulder to all who are need and decides to reach out to me from this interview. My second mother is a true woman of God, I pray God continues to bless everything she touches and lays her hands on! It’s a MUST TO BOOK BOOK BOOK!

Tashikia Matos-Mason

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Positive: Communication

I enjoy watching IT Had 2 Happen podcasts/shows. They are very inspiring, into the word of god and the guests are exceptional. Thank you to the host Erica for leading this into our lives.

Raphael Kirby

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Ms. Erica serves as an inspiration to me and many others. This show is the absolute best!! Continue to shine, much love!! ❤️

Nadine Pierson

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Thumbs 👍up to the Loving, most caring, Founder and CEO of this platform, Ms Erica Wilson!!! An Ambassador for Christ to minister to women of ALL Walks of life, letting them know, they're not alone, that" It had 2 Happen" to get them to their destiny. Cuddos to YOU, beautiful Queen, continue setting the atmosphere for the Queens💕👸


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