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Blessings. I’m excited to introduce “ IT Had 2 Happen Films with Erica Wilson,” and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you remotely regarding your journey, pain, purpose, experience, skills, accomplishments, and/or the specific value you can add to IH2H viewers.

I'm curious if you are currently looking to be featured as a guest on “IH2H” podcasts?

If you are indeed looking to be featured as a guest, I'd love to speak with you on a short 15 minute call.

Here's a little about me if it helps. I'm a professional event speaker and would love having you on IH2H podcasts if you're looking to share your “IT.” I am driven by my IT’s in desire to inspire, empower uplift, develop others and among my strengths are my extensive over coming background, determination, creativity, and leadership skills. I thrive on challenges, particularly those that benefit the people she comes in contact with. I help over-comers and entrepreneurs promote their purpose-driven businesses and meaningful lives.

My professional expertise is in OVER-COMING, using social media and YouTube with intention of empowering, uplifting and inspiring our viewers. My personal passion lies in humbleness, mindfulness, habit formation, and living with purpose.

I'm a GOD Fearing Woman living in Atlanta and testifying in front of many! I am also the founder of IT Had 2 Happen - a philosophy, movement, and a community. June 18, 2020, I launched IT had 2 Happen Films with Erica Wilson Podcast as a tool to help people uncover the deeper “IT’S” that drives them... it's already been viewed over 1000 times! I have an audience of 3k on YouTube and a huge following of more than 20k on social media platforms as well - in case that's important criteria for you!

Lastly, I'm the founder of 88 Blessings Inc. a life changing and amazing non profit organization. You can see me in action here or learn more about me on my website. I think my own personal story of being a over-comer and entrepreneur will help others shed light on their “IT’S” and create their own business with intention that fit with my podcast goals.

What Is the Format of The Show?

The format of the show follows faith-based entrepreneurs, purpose-driven and overcomers who share their inspiring stories and then promote their businesses. The only thing different is the guest that we feature on our show are not looking for investors, but instead, want to promote their story and business to a wide audience.


In the process of sharing your story, you are going to uplift, empower and encourage others that watch the show to reach for their God-given purpose. One thing that "IT Had 2 Happen" has proven is that one appearance can change the fortunes of an entrepreneur or person overnight.


Our broadcast features ordinary people whom GOD has called or is trying to call to do EXTRA-ORDINARY things and they are doing something to activate their God-given dreams and by doing so, encourage people on our broadcast to activate and never give up on their God-given dreams.

Where Is the Show Taped At?

Our show tapes on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook LIVE, some of the largest media companies in the world.

This show airs on Wednesdays & Thursday’s @6pm and is all about engaging with real-life experiences and people who are active in their communities and providing valuable, content-rich segments in return. The segment only requires about 1 hour and 15 minutes of your time and is filmed remotely due to Covid.

Afterward, the segment will feed YouTube and be posted on numerous social media platforms. It will also be available for you to post wherever you’d like. There is absolutely no cost associated with this opportunity, just tag us in all your post.  


Our Mission is to provide safe and educational resources that will inspire, motivate, and encourage listeners to pursue their own personal achievements by over-comers, purpose driven, entrepreneurs, business owners, philanthropist, and motivational speakers sharing life lessons and innovative ideas.

Do you have any interest in chatting further? If so, please click the link to book a personal 15 minute conference call at your convenience by clicking the booking link.

Prayer for the show: Father God, I thank you for your Word. Oh God, I pray that it would go forth in clarity now to bless the people oh God, that you've brought here to hear it. Not only would they hear it, oh God, but I pray that they might apply it to their lives so that it can strengthen them and their families. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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